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Ying Yong Meets Mayor of the City of London, UK

    On February 25, Shanghai Mayor Ying Yong met with Dr. Andrew Parmley, Lord Mayor of the City of London, UK, and his party.

    Ying Yong said since the establishment of friendly exchange relationship between Shanghai and the City of London in 1996, the two sides have had productive cooperation in financial development. The City of London, a renowned financial center in the world, has accumulated profound experience in its long development, especially in the optimization of environment, opening of market, setting up and management of institutions and training of financial personnel, which Shanghai should learn from and draw on. Shanghai welcomes the City of London, with its advantages, to be an active part of the building of China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone and the science & technology innovation center, and drive our cooperation to a higher level.

    Dr. Andrew Parmley said the City of London has had friendly ties with Shanghai for a long time and has maintained special and close relationship with Lujiazui financial district. Shanghai is quite competitive in innovation, creative industry and financial service, and the City of London would like to furtherboost cooperation and exchange with Shanghai and actively promote RMB internationalization, striving for more practical achievement in the UK-China "golden era".