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Chengjiaqiao Community in Changning District Celebrates Lantern Festival

    On February 11, Lantern Festival celebrations themed “Golden Phoenix Ushering in the Spring and Golden Rooster Bringing a Life of Ease”were held at Chengjiaqiao Community Cultural Center, which was decorated with lanterns and colorfulstreamers and filled with cheers and laughter.

    Lantern Festival celebrations by Chinese and foreign residents are a traditional cultural project the community has done for 10 years in a row. This year, the Chinese residents performedHuangmeiopera, Pekingopera, song & dance, acrobatics and Sichuanopera, while foreign residents put on tango and ballet dances. Also, there were a range of other traditionalChinese cultural activities involving interactions, including calligraphy, facial make-up, lantern riddles and glutinous rice flour dumplings. It was an enormously enjoyable and unforgettable time for all present, Chinese and foreign.