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Ying Yong Meets Mayor of Dunedin, New Zealand

    On May 9, Ying Yong, mayor of Shanghai, met with Dave Cull, mayor of Dunedin, New Zealand, and his delegation.

    Ying Yong said since the establishment of diplomatic ties, China and New Zealand have seen smooth development of their relations, and since the establishment of comprehensive strategic partnership, in particular, the two countries have had a frequent exchange of high-level visits and close ties. In their 23 years as sister cities, Shanghai and Dunedin have conducted continual exchange and visits, whose cooperation in various areas has yielded abundant results. Shanghai would like to strengthen mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation and exchange with cities around the world, including its sister cities like Dunedin. He called for the two cities to learn from each other more and expand cooperation in cultural, scientific & technological and creative areas in their striving for further development.

    Dave Cull said Dunedin and Shanghai have had fruitful cooperation and exchange in over 20 years after becoming sister cities. And the two cities have similar aspirations for future development. Dunedin is willing to increase exchange and deepen cooperation in medical science, culture, art and other areas with Shanghai. Also, he introduced Dunedins art exhibition, "Everything Is Possible", opened at Yuyuan Garden on May 8 and indicated he will try to get Dunedins Maori art exhibition to Shanghai in the future.