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“The 2nd Shanghai-Gunma Youth Calligraphy Exchange Exhibition” Opens in Shanghai

    “The 2ndShanghai-Gunma Youth Calligraphy Exchange Exhibition”, jointly sponsored by Shanghai Peoples Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries and Japan-China Friendship Association of Gunma Prefecture, Japan, opened in Minhang district on March 26. About 200, including a delegation of Japan-China Friendship Association from Gunma and noted calligraphers from Shanghai and Gunma, were present at the opening ceremony.

    Zhou Muyao, former vice-mayor of Shanghai and former vice-president of Shanghai Peoples Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, Yasuo Fukuda, top advisor to Japan-China Friendship Association of Gunma Prefecture, Yang Demei, deputy head of the Minhang District Government, and Katayama Kazuyuki, Japanese consul general in Shanghai, spoke at the event.

    In his remarks, Zhou Muyao expected the calligraphy exhibition to further enhance the mutual understanding and friendship between the Chinese and Japanese youngsters.

    Yasuo Fukuda said Japan and China must maintain ties generation after generation, and the communication through calligraphy between the young people will help promote the development of relations between the two countries.

    In her remarks, Yang Demei said China and Japan have been interconnected culturally since ancient times and the art of calligraphy has been passed down for generations in both countries. She called for unremitting efforts on part of both sides to promote friendship between the people.

    Katayama Kazuyuki praised the calligraphy show highly, saying people-to-people exchanges between Japan and China help hold up relations between the two countries. He believed activities like this are conducive to improving and developing the bilateral relations.

    The exhibition, held at Changsuo cultural center of Xinhong community and lasting until April 2, 2017, displays 101 works by Chinese and Japanese middle school and primary school students.