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The 7th International Invitational Exhibition of Traditional Fine Arts Opens in Changning

    The 7th International Invitational Exhibition of Traditional Fine Arts opened at Shanghai Art Collection Museum in Changning district on June 8.

    The current exhibition, with a theme of “Quintessence of Western and Eastern Cultures”, not only has Asian participants, as in its past exhibitions, but also includes fine art works from countries elsewhere in the world, so s to display the best of Eastern and Western cultures and art and further enhance its international reach. The exhibition, which focuses on particular categories of art works and puts on show the representative works of artists, master craftsmen and painters and nonmaterial cultural heritage inheritors from different cultures and regions who have made outstanding contributions in their respective fields, displays the beauty of fusion between Eastern and Western cultures transcending times. It also provides an international platform for cultural and art display, dissemination and exchange between countries and enhances mutual understanding and trust between the people of various countries through friendly cultural exchange.

    “International Invitational Exhibition of Fine Traditional Arts”, a widely known exhibition brand, has had wide support of the governments of many countries, artists, trade organizations and social circles for its past six exhibitions, with participating artists, including renownedcalligraphers, painters and master craftsmen, running to over 500 in total.