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“Cuba and China: 170 years of Unbreakable Friendship” Picture Exhibition Held in Changning District

    An opening ceremony for the picture exhibition “Cuba and China: 170 Years of Unbreakable Friendship” organized by the Cuban Consulate General was held at Gubei Civic Center in Changning on June 7. Amidst lively tunes, graceful dancing and rich colors, the Chinese and foreign guests got together to appreciate exotic customs of this South American nation.

    The picture exhibition is held in commemoration of the contributions the Chinese have made to Cuba’s construction and revolutionary cause and to the cultural fusion between the Chinese and the local ethnic groups in Cuba. The exhibits on display include valuable photos recording major events such as Cuba’s revolutionary leader Che Guevara leading a Cuban economic delegation to visit China after China and Cuba established diplomatic relations and painting works by Cuba’s noted painter Manuel Becerra Sabartes, who made a good combination of surrealism and three-dimensional concept and applied his own life experience and whose works show brightly colorful scenes and wisdom typical of Oriental cultures. The exhibition reviews the development process of China-Cuba friendship over the past 170 years and witnesses the artistic and cultural blending between China and Cuba today.