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2017 Chinese Language Training Program for Foreign Consular Officials Held

    On June 3, a ceremony was held to mark the completion of “Shanghai Summer School: Chinese Language Program for Foreign Consular Officials” jointly given by the Shanghai Municipal Foreign Affairs Office and the Shanghai Education Commission.

    On behalf of all the trainees, Turkish Consul General Sabri Tunc Angili shared his deep feelings on learning Chinese and experiencing Chinese culture and expressed sincere appreciation to the program’s sponsors and their Chinese teachers.

    The ceremony also included a “Consular Officials Showing Chinese” contest, in which officials from Australia, United States, Russia, Belgium and Thailand showed their Chinese through making speeches, reciting poems or singing Chinese songs. Russian Consul Samoylenko Valery’s song, The Night in Seaport, impressed all present. Australian Consul Kate Fleming told about stories of his ancestors’ hard work in China. Thai Consul Suppakij Vorasriherun shared in a vivid and humorous way some amusing episodes he encountered in learning Chinese, while Camila Gomez Hormaza from Colombia introduced in fluent Chinese her sentimental bond with diplomatic work and China and how she realized her dream step by step, stories that touched the entire audience.

    The language training program, catering to the working needs of foreign consular officials and with its rich and varied cultural activities and professional and thoughtful service and management, has enjoyed a good reputation among the foreign consular institutions in Shanghai. Up to now, 350 officials from over 40 countries have attended the program.