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Ying Yong Meets Danish Minister for Science, Technology, Information & Higher Education

    On September 22, Shanghai Mayor Ying Yong met with Danish Minister for Science, Technology, Information and Higher Education Søren Pind and the delegation led by him and expressed welcome to the Danish guests, who came to Shanghai to attend the 2017 Pujiang Innovation Forum.

    Ying Yong said Shanghai and Denmark have longstanding friendly ties and since becoming sister cities Shanghai and Central Denmark Region have maintained close cooperation in a number of areas. For Shanghai, Chinas largest economic center, its largest advantage is opening up and most valuable resource the talent. At present, in accordance with the requirements by President Xi Jinping, we are striving for a global science & technology hub, concentrating resources on building Zhangjiang comprehensive national science center and a world first-class Zhangjiang science town. This year marks the 10th Pujiang Innovation Forum, a high-level innovation forum jointly sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Technology of China and Shanghai Municipality, which has a theme of "Global Science & Technology Innovation Hubs – Patterns and Prospects". He expected Denmark, as the country of honor at this years forum, to share more experience in science and technology innovation. Shanghai would like to increase economic, trade, scientific & technological, education and cultural cooperation and exchange with Denmark and we welcome more Danish businesses and talents to make innovations and start businesses in this city and achieve mutually beneficial growth with us.

    Minister Søren Pind said Shanghai has accomplished admirable achievements. It is a great honor for Demark to be the country of honor at the 10th Pujiang Innovation Forum. Demark opened an innovation center in Shanghai as early as 2007. He wished to see more cooperation and exchange in science & technology innovation and other areas with Shanghai.