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Ying Yong Meets Chinese and Foreign Experts Attending 2017 Global (Shanghai) Artificial Intelligence Innovation Summit

    On August 30, Shanghai Mayor Ying Yong met with the Chinese and foreign experts who were in town attending the 2017 Global (Shanghai) Artificial Intelligence Innovation Summit and solicited their opinions and suggestions for artificial intelligence development in Shanghai.

    Ying Yong said artificial intelligence has undergone rapid development in recent years and has now reached an important period of innovation and application from the previous one of technological transformation. Artificial intelligence more and more changes the peoples life and has become a new opportunity and engine propelling economic and social development. As Chinas largest economic center, Shanghai is striving for an international economic, financial, trade and shipping center and a science and technology innovation center with a global reach. There is a lot artificial intelligence can do in this process. In developing artificial intelligence, Shanghai enjoys economic, scientific& technological and talent advantages, but it is also faced with some constraints and deficiencies. We will strive to create a better environment for artificial intelligence development, increase input in basis research and technological innovation and work to achieve more scientific & technological results, enhance our ability to translate "money" into "papers" and back into "money" again, and transform more scientific & technological achievements into productive forces and enlarge production scale. He called for the experts to strengthen exchange and cooperation with the institutions of higher learning, businesses and scientific & technological research institutions in Shanghai and contribute their wisdom and strength to Shanghais drive to become a leader in artificial intelligence in China.

    The experts said artificial intelligence manifests increasingly in its development characteristics of globalization and coordination. Shanghai has a sound industrial foundation, a huge technical force and a dynamic capital market, where potential is great for the development of artificial intelligence. They suggested Shanghai further strengthen artificial intelligence basic research and planning, construct an ecological system, attract first-class talent and further promote the innovation and application of artificial intelligence in the areas of industrial manufacturing, smart city, urban planning, medical and health.