Ying Yong surveys Shanghai food supply system

Mayor Ying Yong learned about the operation of the city "vegetable basket" program on an inspection tour yesterday.

He visited the Jiashan Road Farm Produce Wholesale Market which supplies 70 percent of vegetables sold in the city. He told accompanying officials that the "vegetable basket" program is important for local residents. Its their responsibility to ensure stable supply and food safety.

The mayor said the food distribution system should be improved to keep a balance between demand and supply.

Ying said there are more than 1,400 mini groceries in local communities where people can order products online and pick up their purchases after they are delivered. He encouraged the use of big data and Internet of Things technologies to distribute agricultural products.

At a meeting after the tour, Ying said high temperatures and flood season affect vegetable production and supply and cause price hikes. But, officials should maintain food safety as the bottom line in any circumstances.