Education minister, Shanghai mayor join reform discussion

The Ministry of Education and the Shanghai government held a meeting on deepening education reforms, including that of the college entrance examinationsystem, recently.Minister Chen Baosheng and Mayor Ying Yong joined the discussion.
Chen said Shanghai has a lot of influence at home and abroad in education and has provided good models and valuable experiences for other part of China.
He said Shanghai should speed up education reform and modernization and come up with good results before the 19thNational Congress of the Communist Party of Chinalater this year.
Chen urged Shanghai officials to pilot the college entrance exam reform and complete a mid-term evaluation of the city’s comprehensive education reform. The ministry will work with Shanghai to evaluate and summarize the reform efforts.
Ying said the two sides have cooperated smoothly and fruitfully. Shanghai has entered a crucial stage of education reform. Local officials should bear in mind President Xi Jinping’s speeches and instructions from the State Council as they cooperate with the Ministry of Education to carry out the reform and ensure highquality and fair distribution of education.
The mayor said efforts should be focused on helping some topnotch Shanghai universities or faculties to join first-tier universities in the world and reducing the burden of primary and middle school students.
Vice Minister Zhu Zhiwen, Vice Mayor WengTiehui, leaders of Shanghai universities and colleges, and other city officials joinedthe meeting.