Shanghai, Yunnan officials review poverty alleviation work

Mayor Ying Yong and other Shanghai officials held a joint conference with Yunnan Party Secretary Chen Hao, Governor Ruan Chengfa and other provincial leaders on Friday to discuss poverty alleviation strategies.

Chen Hao said Yunnan is at a critical stage of development and is trying to accelerate infrastructure construction, improve industrial structure and introduce new-type urbanization, according to President Xi Jinping¡¯s instructions on development in Yunnan.

He said Shanghai and Yunnan should strengthen partnership in poverty alleviation, particularly in some very impoverished areas, work together to motivate local people and enterprises to rely on their own, and give more support in the form of technology, education, medical services and official exchange.

Ying said the central government showed a lot of faith in Shanghai by pairing it with Yunnan for economic aid and cooperation. It is Shanghai¡¯s responsibility to carry out poverty alleviation to the end.

He noted that Shanghai expanded its aid program to cover 12 underdeveloped cities and 71 impoverished counties in Yunnan, providing them with talent and financial support.

Shanghai Vice Mayor Peng Chenlei and Yunnan Deputy Governor He Jin made a report on poverty alleviation efforts. Yunnan officials at the meeting included Li Xiuling, Li Xiaosan, Liu Huiyan and Li Wenrong.

Earlier, Ying Yong, Chen Hao, Ruan Chengfa and other provincial leaders met some Shanghai officials and volunteers working in Yunnan. Ying thanked them on behalf of the Shanghai Municipal Government for their contributions to Yunnan.

Ying said the poverty alleviation program is both a challenge and a valuable experience in their lives. They can take it as education in Party spirit as they work hard to lift local folks out of poverty.