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My division of labor

Zhou Bo, executive vice mayor, is in charge of development and reform, fiscal affairs, taxation, supervision, personnel establishment, comprehensive population management, statistics, energy construction, ports,industry, informationization, science and technology, business, foreign investment and trade, state assets management, financial services, power supply, workplace safety, execution of bills and proposals and transparency of administrative affairs. Zhou assists work in auditing.


Zhou Bo, male, Han Chinese, a CPC member, born in June 1962 in Shanghai, holds a bachelor degree and an on-the-job MBA degree. He holds the title of senior engineer and now serves as a member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Shanghai Committee, executive vice mayor of Shanghai, deputy secretary of the Party leaders’ group of the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government, director of the China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone Administration, director of Lingang Development and Construction Administration, director of Changxing Island Development and Construction Administration and director of Zhangjiang High-tech Industrial Park Administration.

Zhou Bo’s working experience began in July 1984. He worked successively as general manager of Shanghai Chlor-Alkali Chemical Co, general manager of Shanghai Tianyuan Group Ltd, vice president, president and deputy Party secretary of Shanghai Huayi Group Ltd, director and Party secretary of Shanghai Foreign Economic Relations and Trade Commission (Shanghai Foreign Investment Commission), deputy secretary-general of Shanghai Municipal Government, director and Party secretary of Shanghai Development and Reform Commission, vice mayor of Shanghai, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Shanghai Committee and vice mayor of Shanghai.