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My division of labor

Shi Guanghui, vice mayor of Shanghai, is in charge of urban and rural construction and management, housing, land resources, water affairs, transportation, ports, greenery and sanitation, urban and rural planning, environment protection, civil defense, earthquake rescue, and letters and calls.


Shi Guanghui, male, Han Chinese, a CPC member, born in January 1970 in Fuyang, Anhui Province, holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree and the title of senior engineer. He now serves as vice mayor of Shanghai, director of Shanghai Hongqiao Central Business District Administration and director of Shanghai Lingang Area Development and Construction Administration.

Shi’s working experience began in July 1991. He has worked successively as general manager of Shanghai Municipal Engineering and Development Co Ltd, head of Shanghai Municipal Engineering Construction Division, head of planning and financing division as well as project management office director and deputy director of Shanghai Municipal Engineering Administration, a member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Jing’an District Committee, deputy director of Jing’an District, deputy Party secretary and director of Fengxian District, deputy director of Shanghai Lingang New Town Administration, Party secretary of Fengxian District and president of Shanghai Administration Institute.