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My division of labor

Xu Kunlin, vice mayor of Shanghai, is in charge of food and drug supervision, industry and commerce, quality inspection, market supervision, price control, ethnic and religious affairs, foreign affairs and friendly cooperation, Hong Kong and Macau affairs.


Xu Kunlin, male, Han Chinese, a CPC member, was born in Yongchun, Fujian Province in May 1965. Xu holds a Bachelor’s degree in economics. He is now vice mayor of Shanghai.

Xu began to work in August 1984 and had served successively as chief of No. 1 Charge Division of Charge Management Department of the National Planning Commission, chief of Charge Management Division and deputy director of Price Department of the National Development and Planning Commission, deputy director of Price Department, director of Price Supervision and Inspection Department, director of the Bureau of Price Supervision, Inspection and Anti-Monopoly, director of Price Department, director of Department of Fixed Asset Investment, and deputy secretary-general of the National Development and Reform Commission.