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My division of labor

Gong Dao’an, vice mayor of Shanghai and also director of Shanghai Public Security Bureau, is in charge of public security, fire control, road traffic safety, justice administration, comprehensive treatment of social security and social stability. He works closely with the Politics and Law Committee of the CPC Shanghai Committee.


Gong Dao’an, male, Han Chinese, a CPC member, was born in Lixian of Hunan Province in November of 1964. He received on-the-job college education and is a senior engineer. He now serves as vice mayor of Shanghai, Party secretary, director and supervisor of Shanghai Public Security Bureau and president of Shanghai Police College.

Gong started working in September 1981 and had served as chief of major crime investigation division of criminal investigation corps, deputy director and director of action technology corps, director of economic crime investigation corps of Hubei Provincial Public Security Department, a member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Xianning Committee, secretary of Xianning Committee of Politics and Law, Party secretary and director of Xianning Public Security Bureau, vice director and director of the No. 12 Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security.