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Shanghai Municipal Administration of Local Taxation

    Shanghai Municipal Administration of Local Taxation is established as an institution directly under the municipal government in accordance with the “Notice of the General Office of the CPC Central Committee and the General Office of the State Council on Printing and Distributing ‘Plan on Reform of Organs of Shanghai Municipal People’s Government’” (Ting Zi [2008] No. 17). Shanghai Municipal Administration of Local Taxation and Shanghai Municipal Administration of State Taxation work in a united office.

    Main Functions

    1. to implement the state’s laws, rules, regulations, guidelines and policies related to local taxation; to participate in drafting local rules, regulations and implementing regulations on taxation, and organize to carry out relevant local rules, regulations and implementing regulations;

    2. to take charge of predicting the municipality’s taxation revenue and formulating the municipality’s mid-term and long-term planning of local taxation according to budgetary revenue indices defined by the State Administration of Taxation and the municipal government, and organize to carry them out; to take charge of formulating and implementing local taxation plans; to take charge of providing information on taxation plans, planning and implementation to Shanghai Municipal Finance Bureau;

    3. to take charge of managing collection of taxes and duties required by the state and the municipal government; to explain ordinary questions concerning the implementation of relevant laws, rules and regulations and local taxation policies, and register at Shanghai Municipal Finance Bureau afterwards;

    4. to participate in investigations and studies of the municipality’s key economic policies concerning taxation, put forward advice on the reform of local taxation policies, and report jointly with Shanghai Municipal Finance Bureau; to formulate measures of implementing local taxation policies;

    5. to organize to carry out reform of local taxation collection and administration system, formulate and supervise to implement taxation operations and collection and administration system, and supervise and inspect the implementation of taxation laws rules and policies;

    6. to implement the state’s taxation services management system, to take charge of planning and organizing to carry out the construction of the municipality’s taxation services system, regulate taxation services conducts, supervise the implementation of protection system of taxpayers’ rights, protect taxpayers’ legal rights, fulfill the obligation of providing convenient, quality and efficient taxation services, and organize and guide publicity of tax laws and consultation of taxation policies;

    7. to implement the state’s imformatization system related to taxation, draft the municipality’s mid-term and long-term planning of realizing taxation administration imformatization, and implement the state’s Golden-Taxation Project;

    8. to practise vertical management of the municipality’s local taxation system, to take charge of administration of cadres within the municipality’s local taxation system, personnel management and expenditure, and take charge of the local taxation system’s ideological and political education, training and spiritual civilization; to supervise and inspect how the municipality’s local tax authorities at each level and their staff implement local taxation laws, rules, guidelines and policies;

    9. to take charge of the acceptance and hearing of relevant administrative reviews and responses to administrative proceedings;

    10. to undertake other tasks assigned by the municipal government.