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Shanghai Bureau of Justice
Address: Address: 648 Jianguo Rd W. ( Office hour: 9am to 5:30pm, Monday to Friday) Telephone: 24029009

Telephone: 24029999 sendsend

    Main Duties:
    1. to carry out guidelines, policies, laws, rules and regulations concerning the judicial administration work; to study and draw up the drafts of local rules, regulations, and policies concerning the judicial administration work in the light of the actual circumstances of this Municipality, and organize the implementation of relevant rules, regulations, and policies;
    2. to formulate this Municipality’s medium-term, long-term planning and annual development plan of judicial administration and organize its implementation; to supervise and carry out the responsibility system of judicial administrative law enforcement;
    3. to supervise and direct the work of jail administration;
    4. to supervise and direct the work of reform through labor;
    5. to formulate the plans on the propaganda of legal system and the popularization of legal knowledge, and organize the implementation; to direct all districts/counties and all trades to carry out relevant work of ruling according to law;
    6. to administrate and direct work of lawyers and the work of counselors enterprises; to administrate social legal service agencies; to administrate foreign(overseas) law firms which are set up in Shanghai; to administrate this Municipality’s law firms which are set up overseas;
    7. to administrate and direct notarization agencies and relevant professional affairs;
    8. to administrate and direct people’s mediation work, legal affairs assistants work and grass roots legal service work, and to assist relevant agencies to direct the work of replacement and helping and educating persons who are released from criminal penalty and reform through labor;
    9. to undertake routine work of the Municipal Committee of Judicial Appraisal Work;
    10. to administrate and direct legal aid work; to direct the work of the legal service special telephone 148.
    11. to be responsible for the examination and verification, approval and transmitting the report of the plan of fixed assets investment items of units directly under the bureau; to supervise and administrate the state assets in the scope of entrusted by the municipal state assets administrative department; to supervise and direct the work of investment of fixed assets of the prison and reform through labor system;
    12. to be responsible for the acceptance and handling administrative reconsideration and response to administrative litigation; and
    13. to be responsible for the work of foreign affairs and the work of publicizing and communicating with foreign countries in the judicial administration system.