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Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Public Security
Address: Address: 128 Wuning Rd S. ( Office hour: 9am to 1:30pm, Monday to Friday, Division of Complaints and Appeal closed on Friday morning) Telephone: 62310110

Telephone: 62310110 sendsend

    Main Functions

    To prevent, curb and investigate illegal activities; to maintain the public order and curb the behaviors jeopardizing the public order; to manage the traffic, fire control, hazard materials and special trades; to manage the household registration, nationality, entry and exit affairs and affairs related to foreigners’ residence within China’s border; to manage the meeting, parade and demonstration; to supervise and manage the security of computer information system; to guide and supervise the security defense of state organs, social organizations, enterprises and institutions as well as the key construction projects, and to guide the security precaution of mass groups such as the public security committee.