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Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce
Address: 55 Loushanguan Rd ( Office hour: 9:30am to 4:30pm, Monday to Friday)

Telephone: 62752200 sendsend

    The major duties of the Shanghai Municipal Foreign Economy and Trade Commission are:


    1. To implement the guidelines and policies and enforce laws, rules and regulations related to foreign economy and trade and absorption of investment of foreign businessmen; to study and draw up the drafts of local rules and regulations and policies related to the administration of foreign economy and trade and the absorption of investment of foreign businessmen intake and policies in the light of the actual circumstances of this Municipality jointly with relevant departments, and organize the implementation of such local rules, regulations and policies.


    2. To study and put forward and organize the implementation of this Municipality’s development strategy and implementation planning for foreign economy and trade jointly with other relevant departments on the basis of this Municipality’s overall planning for national economy and social development.


    3. To be responsible for the administration of the operation of foreign economy and trade of this Municipality; to monitor and analyze the macro operation situations of this Municipality’s foreign trade; to be responsible for market supervision and control of foreign economy and trade; to coordinate the establishment of the foreign trade promotion system of this Municipality; to direct the structural readjustment of import and export commodities of the whole Municipality; to promote the export of technology, software, and products with exclusive intellectual property rights; to be responsible for advancing the enterprises to explore the multiple international markets; to be responsible for the administration of imports plan of important industrial products; to administer licenses for some import and export commodities and the quota of export commodities excluding grain, cotton and coal.


    4. To administer and coordinate the foreign investment in this Municipality in a comprehensive manner; to study the transnational investment trend and the necessary auxiliary policies; to coordinate this Municipality’s work of introducing foreign capital; to direct the work of introducing foreign capital into the development zones; to be responsible for the examination and approval and report of the establishment and alteration of foreign-investment enterprises of this Municipality in accordance with the limits of administrative power; to provide policy consultation as well as other coordination services to the enterprises with foreign investment.


    5. To be responsible for foreign economic cooperation of this Municipality; to direct and advance the external investment, incorporation of overseas enterprises, external contracting of project, and cooperation in the field of labor service by this Municipality’s enterprises; to be responsible for this Municipality’s activities in foreign aid.


    6. To study and bring forward this Municipality’s development strategies, polices, and measures in international service trade jointly with other departments; to direct and coordinate the work of international service trade; to be responsible for the administration of this Municipality’s transportation and storage trades in the field of foreign trade; to plan the international exhibition trade of this Municipality; to administer the international economy and trade exhibitions(fairs) in this Municipality; to organize the holding or support exhibitions for this Municipality’s key famous brands; to plan, organize or participate in the exhibitions in other countries.


    7. To direct the implementation of foreign affairs policy in the field of economy and trade by this Municipality’s enterprises and institutions; to examine and approve affairs related to this Municipality’s foreign economy and trade group/team going abroad; to handle formalities for inviting foreign businessmen to Shanghai; to examine and approve, and administer foreign businesses’representative offices stationed in Shanghai; to arrange important foreign affairs activities related to foreign economy and trade; to prepare for the mayor’s international entrepreneurs consultation meeting and other economy and trade summit meetings.


    8. To advance the construction of“Grand Customs Clearance”project; to study and formulate Shanghai port’s administration planning and relevant policies; to enforce the provisions of relevant policies of Shanghai Port Administrative Committee; to be responsible for the contact and coordination with the national port authority, to be responsible for coordinating the reform of customs clearance process flow and the simplification of inspection formalities of all units undertaking inspection; to establish the good faith system of customs clearance; advance the computerization of port customs clearance; to raise this Shanghai port’s customs clearance efficiency.


    9. To formulate and organize the implementation of the tackling schemes in the field of Shanghai’s foreign economy and trade after China’s entry into WTO; to set up the regional pre-warning mechanism for fair import and export trade; to guide and coordinate the work of antidumping and anti-subsidy in this Municipality’s exports, to participate in the organization of the investigation for industrial impairment; to participate in the investigation and handling of significant disputes of foreign economy and trade; to be responsible for intellectual property rights involved work related to foreign trade of this Municipality.


    10. To direct the social intermediary organizations of foreign economy and trade and all mass organizations of the trade foreign economy and trade in this Municipality.


    11. To be responsible for acceptance and handling of administrative reconsideration cases and response to administrative actions.


    12. To undertake other matters assigned by the Municipal Government.

    Tel: 23111111

    Address: 301 Zhaojiabang Rd.