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Shanghai Municipal Commission of Ethnic and Religious Affairs
Address: Address: Building 7, 300 Shibocun Rd ( Office hour: 9:30am to 5:30pm, Monday to Friday) Telephone: 23111111

Telephone: 62531980 sendsend

    The major duties :

    The Shanghai Municipal Commission of Ethnic and Religious Affairs is the component department of the Municipal Government which superintends the ethnic and religious affairs in this Municipality. Its major duties are:

    1. To implement the guidelines and policies and enforce laws, rules and regulations related to ethnic and religious work; to study and draw up the drafts of local rules and regulations on ethnic and religious affairs, and formulate relevant policies in the light of the actual circumstances in this Municipality, and organize the implementation of relevant rules, regulations, and policies.

    2. To safeguard various rights of minority nationalities according to law, and coordinate relations among nationalities; to participate in formulating planning related to ethnic undertaking of education, culture, health and sport; to be responsible for launching activities of fostering unity and progress among nationalities; to participate in the administration of floating population of minority nationalities that have come to Shanghai.

    3. To participate in fostering, selecting and appointing officials of minority nationalities; to keep in contact with represents of minority nationalities, and direct the ethnic mass organizations’work.

    4. To participate in the support geared to the need and the economic and technical cooperation between this Municipality and minority nationality regions; to cooperate with relevant departments to do a good job of production and supply of special-needed commodities for minority nationalities; to direct, coordinate, supervise and inspect Muslim’s foods.

    5. To protect citizen’s freedom of religious belief according to laws, and protect legitimate rights of religious groups and place of religious activities, and protect the holders of religious office to perform their regular religious offices activities; to protect believers’regular religious activities; to be responsible for the examination, approval and administration of foreigners’religious activities in Shanghai.

    6. To help religious groups to do a good job of self-propagation of the gospel, self-administration and self-support in the scope of the Constitution and laws, and to follow ones own road of independence and self-reliance, and to run the Church by themselves according to characteristics of each religion.

    7. To advance the ethnic and religious personages to carry out their self-education of patriotism, socialism and support of the patriotic unification of our motherland and all ethnic nationalities unity of national and religious personages; to consolidate and develop socialist nationality relationship, and unite with and mobilize the broad masses of all ethnic and religious circles, to uphold socialistic stability and unity on their own initiative.

    8. To study and analyze the ethnic and religious affairs and religious theories at home and abroad; to direct the religious groups to develop friendly contacts with abroad and the Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan Regions.

    9. To cooperate with relevant departments to resist infiltration activities of hostile influences from abroad, to expose and crack down sabotage and other criminal activities under ethnic and religious cloak; to participate in the comprehensive redification and punishment of feudalistic and superstitious activities; to prevent and stop lawless persons from taking advantage of religions to act illegally.

    10. To help religious groups foster and educate the holders of religious offices; to do a good job of running religious schools and colleges, and their self-construction; to be responsible for conducting in an acting capacity the administration of political study, labor and personnel affairs and business of the All China Young Womens Christitian Association and the All China Young Mens Christitian Association.

    12. To organize and direct the work of propaganda and education of relevant religious policies and laws; to be responsible for the examination and verification of film and TV products, books and periodicals and advertisements related to ethnic and religious questions.

    13. To be responsible for the acceptance and handling of administrative reconsideration applications and response to administrative actions.

    14. To direct ethnic and religion affairs of all districts/counties; to direct the districts/counties to handle contingencies and problems that affect the social stability related to ethnic and religious affairs.

    15. To undertake other matters assigned by the CPC Shanghai Committee and the Municipal Government.