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Shanghai Municipal Education Commission
Address: 100 Dagu Rd ( Office hour: 9am to 11:30am and 1:30pm to 5pm, Monday to Friday)

Telephone: 23111111 sendsend

    Shanghai Municipal Education Commission is established as one of the departments of the municipal government, with its main functions, internal structure and personnel management in accordance with the “Notice of the General Office of the CPC Central Committee and the General Office of the State Council on Printing and Distributing ‘Plan on Reform of Organs of Shanghai Municipal People’s Government’” (Ting Zi [2008] No. 17).

    Main Functions

    1. to implement laws, regulations, rules and policies of education; to study and draw out the drafts of local laws, regulations and policies of educational work as well as organize and implement relevant local laws, regulations and policies;

    2. to research and propose the educational development and reform strategy for Shanghai and compile development plans and annual plans of various types and levels of education according to the overall planning of economic and social development of Shanghai; to put forward the development focus, structure, speed and steps of education; to guide and coordinate the implementation of educational planning and program; to take charge of the statistics, analysis and announcement of the basic information of education;

    3. to conduct overall planning and macro management of pre-school education, basic education, higher education, vocational and technical education, lifelong education, etc.; to carry out overall planning, coordination and direction towards education system, school-running system and comprehensive reform of education and teaching as well as coordinate and manage the work of central ministries and commissions concerning universities in Shanghai; to boost balanced development of compulsory education, provide rural area and outer suburb with more and better public educational resources as well as promote fairness in education;

    4. to direct the development and reform of employment-oriented vocational education, compile professional catalogue, teaching guidance documents and teaching evaluation criteria of secondary vocational education as well as guide the teaching material improvement and vocational guidance of secondary vocational education;

    5. to examine and verify or approve the setting, cancellation and change of college-level institutions of higher education; to examine and verify the setting of majors in institutions of higher education; to take charge of the examination, approval and management of foreign educational institutions of higher education;

    6. to guide and promote the construction of a learning society, take charge of life-long education, manage all kinds of non-academic education and direct the work of eliminating illiteracy;

    7. to strengthen the overall planning and comprehensive coordination of non-governmental education in Shanghai, improve the policies and measures of macro-administration of non-governmental education as well as formulate the development policies and regulations of non-governmental education according to laws; to standardize the order of school-running and promote the healthy development of non-governmental education;

    8. to conduct centralized management of foreign aid to and loans for the education of Shanghai;

    9. to formulate the demands of setting, relevant standards and basic teaching requirements of various secondary, primary and preprimary schools together with relevant departments, organize the compilation, examination and confirmation of the unified textbooks of middle and elementary schools as well as draw out the planning of educational technology equipment and the supporting standards; to organize the work of educational supervision and assessment;

    10. to overall manage enrollment work of various types of academic education; to take charge of student status management of higher academic education; to conduct the reform of graduate employment system of institutions of higher education together with relevant departments;

    11. to guide ideological and political work, moral education, sports, health and art education as well as national defense education of schools at all levels in Shanghai;

    12. to guide the institutions of higher education to undertake significant scientific research projects of the state and Shanghai and guide also promote natural science, philosophy and social science research of the educational system; to direct the development and construction of the scientific and technological innovation platform of institutions of higher education; to plan and manage the application and research of high and new technology of higher education as well as boost the “combination of production, study and research”; to guide and coordinate the development of school-run industries;

    13. to overall plan and guide teachers and educational administration cadres at all levels to do construction work with the core of professional ethics; to conduct macro-management of teacher qualification; to guide and coordinate the organization and implementation of the employment system of professional technical positions involved in education;

    14. to conduct centralized management of the communication with foreign countries of the education system and take charge of examination and approval of holding international education exhibitions; to be responsible for the management of students leaving the country (territory) within the education system of Shanghai, students coming to Shanghai, teachers of foreign aid, foreign experts coming to Shanghai and foreign teachers as well as the exchange in education of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan; to plan and direct the work of Chinese-learning for foreigners; to plan and manage the intermediaries providing consulting service for students studying abroad at their own expense in conjunction with relevant departments;

    15. to plan, guide and coordinate the reform and management of the school logistics; to coordinate and guide environmental control and safety work of the school;

    16. to take charge of the acceptance and hearing of relevant administrative reviews and responses to administrative proceedings;

    17. to undertake other tasks assigned by the municipal government.