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Shanghai Municipal Health Bureau

    Shanghai Municipal Health Bureau is established as one of the departments of the municipal government in accordance with the “Notice of the General Office of the CPC Central Committee and the General Office of the State Council on Printing and Distributing ‘Plan on Reform of Organs of Shanghai Municipal People’s Government’” (Ting Zi [2008] No. 17). Shanghai Municipal Health Bureau hangs out a temporary signboard designating Shanghai Municipal Office of Chinese Medicine Development.

    Main Functions

    1. to implement laws, rules, regulations, guidelines and strategies concerning health; to study to draft local rules, regulations and policies concerning health work; to study to formulate plans, planning, policies and guidance related to the development and reform of health cause of the municipality, and organize to carry them out;

    2. to prepare planning of the development of health cause, regional health plans and annual work plans of the municipality according to the municipality’s overall national economy and social development planning, and take charge of organizing to carry them out; to make an overall plan and coordinate health resources between and among regions; to transfer the responsibilities of coordinating food safety comprehensively and organizing to investigate and punish major food accidents to Shanghai Municipal Food and Drug Supervision Administration according to the municipal government’s authorization and relevant regulations;

    3. to work out prevention and control plans against infectious diseases and chronic non-communicable diseases, work out immunity planning, policies and measures of the municipality, monitor infectious diseases in conformity with the law, establish early warning mechanisms, prevent and control the outbreak and spread of epidemic diseases, and organize to carry out health education and promotion for the general public; to study to formulate maternal and child health policies and planning, take charge of the comprehensive administration and supervision of maternal and child healthcare, and promote the development of maternal and child health cause;

    4. to take charge of health emergency responses within the municipality, prepare health emergency plans and formulate health emergency policies and measures, take charge of the monitoring, early warning and risk assessment of public health accidents, guide to implement the prevention, control and responses to public health accidents, and publish response information on public health accidents; to take charge of medical health guarantee on occasions of major events within the municipality;

    5. to guide and standardize the administrative law enforcement concerning health, take charge of the supervision and management of occupational health, radiation health, environment sanitation and campus sanitation according to division of responsibilities, take charge of the supervision and management of the health and safety of public places and drinking water, and take charge of the prevention, control and supervision of infectious diseases;

    6. to take charge of implementing licensed accesses of healthcare institutions, applications of new medical technologies, medical and healthcare practitioners, large medical equipment and technologies specific for maternal and child health; to formulate or verify (review and approve) policies, quality standards, technical specifications and code of ethics concerning medical treatment, nursing, medical skills and the management of relevant services of all medical and health institutions at all levels, and organize to carry them out; to mobilize and organize citizens to participate in unpaid blood donation in conformity with the law, and supervise and manage blood collecting and supplying agencies and the safety of blood for clinical use;

    7. to undertake supervision of medical services provided by medical institutions, establish assessment and supervision system of the quality of medical services provided by medical institutions, and organize to carry out such work as supervision and assessment of medical quality, safety and services;

    8. to organize to implement the national essential medicine system, and organize to formulate and implement the municipal essential medicine system and policies according to the national essential medicine system and the essential medicine list; to manage clinical pharmacy within medical institutions in conformity with the law;

    9. to take charge of working out planning and policies of developing traditional Chinese medicine of the municipality, organize to draft or plan local rules, local standards and technology standards for traditional Chinese medicine and Chinese and western integrative medicine; to guide and coordinate the establishment and resource allocation of traditional Chinese medicine and Chinese and western integrative medicine institutions, and organize to carry out, supervise and manage; to coordinate and manage major traditional Chinese medicine research projects within the country and the municipality, carry out the promotion and application of traditional Chinese medicine technologies, take charge of the formulation and implementation of development plans of traditional Chinese medicine talents, and promote the coordination and development of traditional Chinese medicine and Chinese and western integrative medicine;

    10. to work out the development planning and policies of the municipality’s preliminary healthcare, community health and rural health, plan and organize to carry out the construction of community health services, formulate setting standards, service standards and operational management standards of community health service institutions and rural health institutions; to take charge of formulating, organizing to carry out and comprehensively managing the municipality’s planning of  the municipality’s new rural cooperative medical system;

    11. to formulate the municipality’s health science and technology development planning, assist in managing the nations’ major scientific and technological special projects, organize the municipality’s major studies of health issues, organize to carry out the health system’s science and technology development programs and guide the commercialization and promotion of scientific and technological achievements, participate in formulating medical education development planning, organize to carry out continuing medical education and medical education after graduation and development plans of relevant majors; to take charge of the supervision of biological safety of laboratories and laboratory activities concerning public health of the municipality;
    12. to guide the construction of health talent team, formulate health talent development planning of the municipality and organize to carry them out, guide and organize to carry out the assignment of health technical positions and qualification recognition; to cooperate with relevant departments to work out qualification standards for health technicians and organize to carry them out;

    13. to guide to carry out information openness of the municipality’s health system, take charge of promoting the health informatization and managing health surveys of the municipality, and organize to carry out international exchanges and cooperation in medical and health field;
    14. to strengthen the supervision over Shanghai Shenkang Hospital Development Center in conformity with the law;

    15. to take charge of the acceptance and hearing of relevant administrative reviews and responses to administrative proceedings;
    16. to undertake other tasks assigned by the municipal government.