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Shanghai Municipal Statistics Bureau
Address: 48 Weihai Rd ( Office hour: 9am to 5:30pm, Monday to Friday)

Telephone: 53857070 sendsend

    Shanghai Municipal Statistics Bureau is established as an institution directly under the municipal government, with its main functions, internal structure and personnel management in accordance with the “Notice of the General Office of the CPC Central Committee and the General Office of the State Council on Printing and Distributing ‘Plan on Reform of Organs of Shanghai Municipal People’s Government’” (Ting Zi [2008] No. 17).

    Main Functions

    1. to implement guidelines, policies, laws, rules and regulations concerning statistics; to study and draft local rules and regulations concerning statistics in light of the realities of the municipality, and organize to carry them out; to study and draft regulatory documents, policies and plans concerning statistics, and organize to carry them out; to organize, lead and coordinate work concerning statistics within the municipality, and ensure the actuality, accuracy and timeliness of the statistics;

    2. to establish and improve the system of national accounts of the municipality, draft and implement the municipality’s system of national accounts according to the unified system of the state, conduct the accounting of the municipality’s output value, compile and provide materials concerning the system of national accounts;

    3. to cooperate with relevant departments to organize to carry out major censuses concerning national conditions and strength, such as population, economy and agriculture within the municipality as arranged by the state, and compile, consolidate and provide statistics concerning the municipality’s conditions and strength;

    4. to organize to carry out surveys on agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishing, industry, construction, wholesale and retail trade, hotels and catering, real estate, renting and business services, resident services and other services, culture, sports and entertainment as well as loading and unloading and other transport services, warehousing, computer services, software, technology exchange and promotion services and social welfare, and collect, consolidate and provide statistics concerning these surveys; to consolidate comprehensively and provide basic municipal statistics concerning geological exploration, tourism, transportation, postal services, education, health, social security, public utilities, finance, government finance and tax;

    5. to organize to carry out surveys on energy, fixed assets investment, consumption, prices, income, technology, population, labor and basic conditions of social development and environment, collect, consolidate and provide statistics concerning these surveys, and consolidate comprehensively and provide basic municipal statistics concerning resources, housing, foreign trade and foreign economy;

    6. to evaluate, verify, manage and publicize basic municipal statistics and materials and publish statistics concerning economic and social development within the municipality on a regular basis; to establish information sharing and release systems of statistics of service sectors;

    7. to analyze, forecast and supervise statistics concerning national economy, social development, scientific and technological progress, resources and environment, and provide statistics and consulting advices to the CPC Municipal Committee and the Municipal Government and relevant departments; to collect, consolidate and provide basic statistics of the country, provinces (regions, cities) and major cities nationwide, and carry out comparative studies;

    8. to carry out inspections of the implementation of statistics laws, rules and regulations, and investigate and punish illegal statistics conducts in conformity with the law; to examine and approve (put on record) surveys of the municipality, and supervise and manage foreign surveys within the municipality; to guide basic works of professional statistics and the infrastructure of statistics work at the grass-root level; to establish and improve the reviewing, monitoring and assessing system of statistics quality, and carry out review, monitoring and assessment of major statistics;

    9. to establish and manage statistics automation system and statistics database system of the municipality, organize to put forward the standards and operational rules of statistics database and networks for districts, counties and departments within the municipality, and guide the construction of district and county statistics informatization systems;

    10. to assist districts and counties in managing directors and vice directors of statistics bureaus of district and county governments; to guide the construction of the municipalitys professional statistics team; to cooperate with relevant departments to organize to carry out qualification examinations on statistics and the work of post assessment and appointment and professional qualification recognition; to manage special infrastructure investment and funds provided by the central government for statistics work;

    11. to collect and consolidate international statistics, organize to carry out international exchanges and cooperation projects concerning statistics work, and organize to carry out international exchange of statistic materials and cooperative projects on statistics exchanges;

    12. to undertake the acceptance and hearing of relevant administrative reviews and responses to administrative proceedings;

    13. to undertake other tasks assigned by the municipal government.