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Shanghai Municipal Transportation Commission
Address: Address: Buidling 1, 300 Shibocun Rd ( Office hour: 9am to 11:30am and 1:30 to 5:30pm, Monday to Friday) Telephone: 23111111

Telephone: 23111111 sendsend

    Main responsibilities

    A.Implement laws, regulations and policies concerning transportation; conduct research and draft local laws, regulations and policies; supervise the implementation of these laws, regulations and policies.

    B. Formulate strategies for comprehensive development of transportation, optimize the city’s transportation system, ensure a balanced distribution of transport resources, coordinate road, water, rail and air transportation, build a comprehensive transport network, supervise the work of transportation departments at the district level, enhance transportation cooperation in the Yangtze Delta region, and coordinate efforts for the construction of Shanghai International Shipping Center.

    C.Draft medium- and long-term plans for comprehensive transportation improvement, includingspecial projects, and set annual targets for the transportation sector;draw rail network blueprints, including the planning of routes and support facilities; makeplans for Shanghai Port (including Yangshan Port), highways, urban roads, public transport, inter-city transport, freight transport, transportation hubs, parking facilities, coastal and inland shipping, and floating fuel stations;and supervise the implementation of these plans.

    D.Supervise the collection and analysis of transport statistics to provide basis for policy making and regulatory measures; make plans for fixed asset investment in transportation and prepare annual budgets for infrastructure maintenance; coordinate and supervise transport projects jointly invested by municipal and district governments.

    E. Supervise the construction of highways, urban roads, subways, transportation hubs, bus stations, parking facilities, seaports, waterways, bridges and tunnels to ensure their quality, safety, operation and maintenance; coordinate efforts of various departments to connect railway stations, airports and other passenger terminals with bus and Metro systems; supervise the installation and maintenance of traffic signs, road surface markings, guardrails and guiding panels; examine and approve plans for construction, renovation or expansion of buildings in restricted areas of subways, elevated roads, tunnels, bridges, seaports, waterways, and airports.

    F. Regulate the transport sector with market rules, service standards and management systems and supervise their implementation; build a credit-tracking system covering all transport enterprises, regulate the public transport market through service inspection; push for major reforms in the transport sector to ensure healthy growth of the sector; set fare rates and fee charges for implementation across the city; administer local maritime affairs, including navigation services for ships entering and leaving Shanghai Port.

    G. Conduct research to ensure safe operation of transport facilities, analyze traffic data and work out methods to remove bottlenecks, provide emergency assistance, and speed up road traffic; implement the vehicle license quota system and conduct public surveys to improve traffic management; optimize the relationship between public transport, non-motored vehicles and pedestrians.

    H. Make sure the city’s transportsystem operate smoothly and safely; organize and coordinate efforts to respond to emergencies, provide disaster relief and related services; supervise the work to prevent and control infectious diseases and pollutions from ships; cooperate with relevant departments to carry out marine rescue and river salvage operations.

    I. Promote the use of new technologies, new processes and new materials in the transport sector; supervise the work to save energy and reduce emissions for better environment; promote information technology in management and the construction of intelligent transportation; implementnational technical standards and formulate local standards and rules.

    J. Make defense-oriented transport plans and build necessary facilities; combine multimodal transport and modern logistics; coordinate freight and passenger transport to guarantee delivery of important goods, special equipment, military cargoes and relief supplies; make arrangements for travel rush during the Spring Festival and other holidays.

    K. Coordinate operations of railway, civil aviation, post, maritime, rescue and salvage departments; exercise administration over land and water areas in and around seaports and airports; and strengthen exchanges and cooperation with foreign organizations in transportation.

    L. Organize, supervise and coordinate law enforcement by transport, road, port and aviation authorities.

    M. Accept applications for administrative reconsideration and make decisions based on evidence to settle litigation cases.

    N. Perform other tasks assigned by the municipal government.