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State Grid guarantees smart power supply

    State Grid guarantees smart power supply

    A worker inspects a power substation with the aid of a maintenance robot with AI.
    State Grid Shanghai Company has implemented artificial intelligence and Internet of Things technologies to ensure stable and sufficient power supply for the second China International Import Expo.
    These technologies can monitor the power supply and detect possible hazards so that workers can fix them before they cause problems.
    State Grid operators have planted sensors at the ends of cable lines and substations. All data received by these are transmitted back to the grid control center. Engineers from the power company will be able to easily check power transmission via overhead cables and in underground pipelines. When a glitch happens, engineers can immediately locate its position and switch to back up power.
    The system will also send out pre-warnings based on previous data so that weak spots on the network can be regularly inspected.
    When fixing glitches, the power company uses maintenance robots which send real-time videos to engineers in the control room so they can have a better grasp of the situation and better coordinate with repair teams at the scene.
    Apart from sensing the power network around the National Exhibition and Convention Center, the State Grid has also installed optical cables to ensure the speed and stability of data transmission. All pole-mounted power transformers can now receive and emit 5G signals.
    The combination of AI and the Internet of Things has raised the stability of power around the center to 99.9999 percent.

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