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Ground-breaking cultural landmark


    Ground-breaking cultural landmark


    A worker starts the foundations for Changning Culture Mansion against the backdrop of Liu Haisu Art Museum.

    Construction started yesterday on a landmark complex in Changning District.

    Sited near Liu Haisu Art Museum, the art and commercial complex on Yan’an Road W. aims to meet the increasing demands of downtown residents for more art and cultural venues, the district government said.

    Two 60-meter-tall buildings will be built, using environmental friendly and energy saving materials, along with two attached structures.

    The two main office buildings will create over 50,000 square meters of upmarket office areas.

    The attached buildings will be home to bookstores, cafes, flower shops, art galleries and restaurants. The second storys of the structures will be connected to Liu Haisu museum, which is named after the renowned Chinese painter Liu Haisu (1896-1994).

    The complex, named Changning Culture Mansion, will cover a total of 110,000 square meters and is scheduled to be completed by 2020 to incorporate office, art, culture and commercial functions, an official taking charge of the project said.

    A 9,000-square-meter art center has been planned within the complex. The center will hold art exhibitions and feature French artistic style decorations — a contrast to the neighboring Liu Haisu museum that is in the Chinese style.

    A theater covering over 1,500 square meters will be built on the second floor of the art center to hold fashion shows and art performances.

    “It will become an ecofriendly, fashion and recreational complex where people can work, shop and generally enjoy arts,” the official added.