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Read all about it from the locker cabinet

    Read all about it from the locker cabinet


    An intelligent locker offers a mini library to residents in Yangpu District.

    As intelligent lockers are widely installed across the city for couriers to leave packages, residents in Yangpu District now can enjoy a similar service in borrowing books from libraries too.

    Five such cabinets were installed in densely populated places, such as office buildings, startup incubators and supermarket, jointly by the Yangpu District Library, Zhima Credit of Alibaba and Jiatu Software Co.

    Users don’t have to apply for library cards or pay a deposit. They can borrow books from the cabinets if they have more than 600 Zhima credits.

    They can also borrow 20,000 books from the libraries via Alipay and staff will deliver the books to the lockers a day later.

    Borrowers can pick them up via Alipay.

    By using the lockers, borrowers don’t have to pay charges and don’t have to stay in to get the books.

    Yang Lingling, an office worker in the Baoland Plaza office building in Yangpu District, came across a book locker with a copy of “The Kite Runner,” which she had long wanted to read.

    She soon got the book after a few clicks on her phone.

    A total of 50 such lockers will be placed around the district over the next three years, said the district library.