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First Huangpu River bridge under major renovation

    First Huangpu River bridge under major renovation


    A major renovation started recently on the citys first bridge across Huangpu River in Songjiang District to turn its railway deck into a pedestrian passage and expand vehicle lanes.

    Steel rails on the lower level of the double-deck Songpu Bridge, built in 1976, have been removed to allow pedestrians and bicycles to use the deck to cross the river. The main structure of the bridge will be raised by 20 centimeters to allow larger ships to sail underneath.

    The renovation is undertaken by Shanghai Municipal Engineering Design Institute (Group) Co. Its Assistant Chief Engineer Chen Liang revealed that they had created a new way to elevate the bridge with the synchronous hydraulic jacking technology, which could be used in later bridge renovations in the city.

    The bridges lower deck will be retained to preserve the original appearance of the bridge and its upper deck will be expanded to six vehicles lanes to relieve traffic congestion.

    The bridges upper level will remain open to vehicles until the work is completed on the lower deck. The renovation will last for two years, and the construction will be carried out mostly in the nighttime to avoid disturbing the traffic during the day.

    Despite the main truss of the bridge is partly worn out and deformed, by using rivets, sand blasting, anti-corrosive coating and other techniques, the bridge may last for another 50 years, Chen added.