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Don't be fooled by the recent sunshine

    Don't be fooled by the recent sunshine


    An artwork that leaves a good impression — a woman stops to admire the “leaves umbrella” installation on Yueyang Road in Xuhui District yesterday. The street is one of a number in the city where fallen leaves stay in situ during the day until early January, to provide a colorful foliage presentation.

    After a warm and sunny break, Shanghai will turn cold again.

    Warm weather is set to continue today, according to Shanghai Meterological Bureau, with temperatures fluctuating from 13 to 18 degrees Celsius. But a moist air mass will bring drizzle to the city.

    Also, a cold front will bring with it air pollutants. Light to moderate PM 2.5 pollution is also forecast for this afternoon, said the city’s environmental monitoring center.

    Tomorrow will see a dip in temperature, with the low down to 11 degrees and the high to 15 degrees. And showers are forecast to sweep across the city.

    The mercury will further drop on Thursday, with the high set to only stay at 11 degrees. But there is some good news  — the rain will stop.

    Temperatures will remain stable on Friday, when the forecast is cloudy, as well as Saturday, when it should be sunny.