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Relief from freezing weather today

    Relief from freezing weather today


    A woman braves the cold conditions at People’s Square yesterday.

    Tired of the frost-bitten weather? Well, relief is on the way.

    Temperatures in the city will start rising as the current freezing weather conditions begin to abate from today, forecasters said.

    Downtown Xujiahui area only detected 0.5 degrees Celsius yesterday morning while suburban Chongming Island recorded a low of minus 5.9 degrees, making it the coldest day this winter, according to the Shanghai Meteorological Bureau.

    But from today, there will be relief from the freezing weather. It will be sunny for the rest of the week.

    The mercury will fluctuate between 2 to 10 degrees today. The low will rise to 4 degrees and the high to 12 degrees in the following days. Over the weekend, the temperatures will rise further to 6 and 14 degrees.

    From tomorrow until Friday, there may be light PM 2.5 pollution, along with haze, the Shanghai Environmental Monitoring Center has warned.