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12 souvenirs capture tourism awards

    12 souvenirs capture tourism awards

    Winners of this year’s Shanghai tourism souvenir competition pose at the awards ceremony in Huangpu District yesterday. Twelve souvenirs featuring the city’s landscape, culture, history and glamour with innovative design were honored.

    Twelve souvenirs featuring Shanghai landscape, culture, history and glamour with innovative design and local flavor won awards on Thursday after coming out tops in the city’s annual tourism souvenir competition.

    They were selected from about 2,200 works by some 1,800 designers in this year’s competition themed “Shanghai angle.” The solicitation took three months.

    “The winning entries reflect innovation, art appreciation and market potential, and are practical to use, while displaying different angles of Shanghai,” said Zhang Xinyi, a Chinese master of arts and craft and one of the judges of the competition, organized by the Shanghai Tourism Administration.

    Votes from the public were also given consideration in the competition.

    The winning works included a paper carving light of night Shanghai, which drew inspiration from the enchanting night view of famous scenic spots in Shanghai, a set of pencils and pens are shaped as some landmark city buildings such as the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Jinmao Tower and Shanghai Tower, and a pair of sunglasses featuring magnolia, the flower representing Shanghai.

    Also among the winners were handbags drawing inspiration from cheongsam and decorated with magnolia, and a gramophone light featuring the architecture cluster on the Bund.