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Mayor urges Shanghai Free Trade Zone to deepen reforms in 2018


    Mayor urges Shanghai Free Trade Zone to deepen reforms in 2018

    Shanghai Mayor Ying Yong presided over the Shanghai Free Trade Zone Leading Group Meeting on Thursday to arrange the work to deepen the FTZ reforms in 2018.

    Ying stressed that the directions of the 19th CPC National Congress need to be implemented in 2018, and the FTZs exemplary role needs to be further amplified.

    The Leading Group Office briefed the meeting on the FTZ work in 2017 and the major tasks in 2018. The Pudong New Area reported on the pilot program allowing enterprises to "do business first and register later," and Shanghai Office for Port Services briefed the meeting on the optimization of cross-border trade environment.

    Ying said the development of the FTZ has reached a crucial point, and the FTZ should fully implement the directions from the CPC Central Committee in the new era. Also, the reforms of the FTZ should be implemented in a more comprehensive scope.

    The construction of the Free Trade Port needs to be further accelerated, the cross-border trade environment further optimized, the port fee further decreased and the port clearance procedures shortened, and the companies given a sense of gain. The companies actual needs and the actual results of the reforms need to be further studied to increase the effectiveness.

    Ying also stressed that the cooperation between the Pudong New Area and the ministries and commissions of the State Council need to be strengthened to further deepen the reforms and augment the FTZs exemplary role.

    Zhou Bo, executive vice mayor of Shanghai, and other city leaders including Weng Zuliang, Xiao Guiyu, and Wu Qing also attended the meeting.