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Mayor Ying inspects Pudong project constructions
    Shanghai Mayor Ying Yong visited Pudong on Sunday afternoon to inspect the construction of key projects in the new area.
    Ying and Weng Zuliang, Party secretary of the CPC Pudong New Area Committee, visited the Pudong Section of the Yanjiang Channel, which will form a complete ring with the existing Suburban Ring on the outskirts of Shanghai, and the site of a metro line linking Chongming Island with Pudong.
    Key projects are an important part of the effort to raise the urban level and core competitiveness, which also is an important foundation to improve livelihood, Ying noted.
    "We should try our best to start the construction of key projects as quickly as possible," he added.
    By the end of August, Shanghai had completed the investment of 95 billion yuan (US$13.57 billion) in the city's key construction projects, nearly 70 percent of the annual target.

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