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Inaugural 8K imaging lab opens
    China’s first 8K imaging lab has opened in Shanghai to broadcast ultra high definition content and foster industry development.
    The CINEX-D8K Imaging Lab in the Mercedes-Benz Arena in the Pudong New Area was developed by the Oriental Pearl Group and Delta Group.
    It features two screens of 300 inches and 500 inches, professional projectors and 8K definition.
    The output from the UHD industry is currently valued at 1 trillion yuan (US$142.8 million) annually in China.
    The industry is expected to get a further boost with the spread of 5G technology, as well as the upcoming Tokyo Olympics in 2020, which will broadcast in 8K resolution.
    By 2022, China’s UHD industry output is expected to hit 4 trillion yuan.
    China’s mobile carriers and Oriental Pearl, the new media arm of the Shanghai Media Group, plan to invest heavily in the development of the UHD.

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