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Proudly 'Made in Shanghai'

    Proudly 'Made in Shanghai'

    Shanghai Electric’s award-winning turbine at the China International Industry Fair. 
    The “Made in Shanghai” brand has showcased its strengths at the 21st China International Industry Fair. Shanghai Electric, a representative enterprise, launched its industrial Internet of Things platform and won an award for another of its products.
    The platform was made not only to improve efficiency and cut costs for the company but also to tap into the digital industry by utilizing mass industrial data. It is connected with 80,000 elevators made by Shanghai Mitsubishi and over 3,000 wind turbines, covering more than 140 wind farms.
    Dong Jianhua, chairman of Shanghai Electric, said the industrial Internet of Things is the most important and most challenging part in transforming and upgrading manufacturing industry.
    He said the company will take the lead in building the platform and empowering smart manufacturing in the city. Zhang Ying, deputy director of Shanghai’s economy and informatization commission, said the city will continue providing support for construction of the platform.
    “We hope Shanghai Electric can turn its platform into a model platform for Shanghai and empower ‘Made in Shanghai’ brands,” Zhang said.
    Gan Pin, deputy director of the city’s science and technology commission, said Shanghai Electric was the main force of “Made in Shanghai” brands.

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