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Prosecutors say elderly crime rising
    The Pudong New Area People’s Procuratorate filed charges against more than 200 senior suspects — those over 60 years old — between August 1, 2018 and July 31, 2019, marking an annual increase of 40 percent.
    Nearly half of them were suspected of torts on property like robbery and theft.
    The procuratorate suggests that services like garbage sorting can be considered as part of the elderly offenders’ community correction and assessment.
    Meanwhile, criminal cases with elderly people as victims rose by 26 percent during the same period, prosecutors said. Nearly 30 percent of these cases involved frauds, followed by theft, with 17 percent.
    Prosecutors say cases of fraudulent and illegal fundraising are increasing among the elderly, and the sums of money involved in some of these cases were extremely large.
    According to prosecutors, since most of the elderly people don’t have a strong sense of the law, they often fail to report their cases to police in time or neglect to keep valid evidence. That caused difficulties for judicial departments in gathering proof and recovering losses.
    For instance, in one case released by the procuratorate yesterday, more than 10 members of a fraud gang were recently sentenced to up to 11 and a half years in jail after swindling 41 seniors out of over 2.9 million yuan (US$410,000).

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