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Suzhou Creek fiesta kicks off
    The 2019 Suzhou Creek Culture and Art Festival kicked off at the Global Harbor Mall in Putuo on September 15. More than 200 events will be staged during the festival, which will run through October 11.
    Celebrations for the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China will be the theme of the festival while other highlights include the national industrial development along the creek and folk art displays.
    Riverside heritage structures, designed with a special tour route, have been equipped with QR codes so visitors can scan and learn their history in words and pictures and play interactive games.
    An exhibition, organized in collaboration with the China Maritime Museum in several communities, will showcase the influence sailing has for Shanghai and China.
    The M50 Creative Park will also launch a comprehensive art project featuring Suzhou Creek and city updates.
    Sales of famous Chinese brand products are also being promoted at the mall.

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