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Fengxian to complete piped gas construction next year
    Fengxian will become the first suburban district in Shanghai to complete piped gas construction next year, according to Shanghai Tunnel Engineering Co Ltd, constructor of the project.
    Whereas heavy gas cylinders have long been a thing of the past, quite a few Fengxian residents have not had the luxury to use daily gas piped in households.
    The project will first begin in eight towns, including Situan, Haiwan and Nanqiao, covering 20,000 households in over 80 residential communities.
    The total length of the pipes is expected to exceed 70 kilometers.
    Most buildings covered in the projects have existed for several decades, which might lack precise structural drawing and there's no space saved in advance for the pipelines. Tailored work will be needed based on different building conditions in the process.
    Apart from Fengxian, similar projects are also being carried out in Songjiang, Qingpu and old Nanhui districts.

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