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Disney gets a bird's-eye view at its nature park
    Shanghai Disney Resort said yesterday it had welcomed 100 kinds of birds which settled in or flew across its wetland park.
    Oriolus Chinensis, the newly observed bird, is about 25 centimeters long, with a broad black stripe around its head, just like a black band tied to its top, according to He Xin, a researcher at the Shanghai Natural History Museum and a bird expert.
    For Shanghai and other parts of eastern China, Oriolus Chinensis is a kind of migratory bird which only passes through the region in the migration seasons of spring and autumn, making it hard for tourists to see it every day, the expert said.
    “Besides, the bird is wary by nature and often hides in dense trees and bushes. It’s a big surprise to see them at the Wishing Star Park,” He said.
    The park, adjacent to Disneyland and hotels, allows visitors to get close to nature. Consisting of a lake as well as coastal wetlands, bushes and woods, it provides a favorable living environment for animals.
    Opened in 2016, the resort is a joint venture between the Walt Disney Company and Shanghai Shendi Group. It is the first Disney resort destination on the Chinese mainland and the sixth in the world.

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