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Photo exhibit exposes changes in transportation

    People sometimes complain about how crowded the Metro can be when they go to work, but todays throngs are nothing compared with 30 years ago, when locals had to push and shove their way onto crammed buses.

    One can feel the hustle and anxiety of those bygone commutes in an exhibition now being showcased at Peoples Square Station.

    Entitled "The Photographic Stories of Shanghai Transportation," the exhibit features 30 pictures reflecting changes of the citys public transport system over the past 70 years.

    These include many then-and-now shots of old-time transportation systems juxtaposed with modern scenes from today. For example, theres a photo of a 1950s tram going past the Waibaidu Bridge, contrasted with the medium-capacity bus No. 71 shuttling along Yanan Road.

    "Its quite hard for me to imagine how people commuted between home and workplace in the past," said Zhou Haobin, an office worker. "Especially when there was no air-conditioning."

    The exhibition will run through October 24 in the station. The photos will also be exhibited on three trains of Metro Line 2.

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