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Metro works to ensure all is easy for passengers

    Shanghai Shentong Metro Group has upgraded East Xujing Station on Line 2 to better facilitate passenger flows for the China International Import Expo.

    The station is closest to the venue, the National Exhibition and Convention Center, and the upgrades are based on experience from last year’s expo.

    The station has nine exits, six of which lead directly to the convention center. Exits 4 and 5 weren’t open during the first CIIE last year, which put pressure on other exits.

    “Last year, people leaving the venue by bus used the same passage as the people coming out of the station from exit 8, making it extra crowded,” said an official from Shanghai Metro. “So, we decided to widen the entrance platform of the exit.”

    Exit 4, closest to the venue, has also been renovated. People going to the NECC from exit 4 will save about 10 minutes’ walking time compared with exit 8.

    The Metro operators have also removed fixed fences at the exits and installed portable ones which can better accommodate changes in passenger traffic.

    Apart from the infrastructure, the Metro operator also installed a 5G signal receiver at the station.

    With 5G technology, the control room of the station can monitor real-time passenger flows and dispatch staff to spots where help is needed.

    For foreign visitors who may be unfamiliar with Shanghai’s Metro system, 14 ticket windows will be opened to sell tickets and provide information.

    One English-speaking station attendant named Yu Lianyi, collected frequently asked questions during the first CIIE. He compiled an English textbook containing relevant words and sentences and taught his colleagues how to speak simple English in case they answer questions from foreigners.

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