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14 nabbed in surgery loan scam

    Fourteen suspects have been caught in an investigation into a plastic surgery fraud, Shanghai police said yesterday.

    The suspects are alleged to have claimed to be recruiting women to work in nightclubs and coercing them into taking out loans for plastic surgery while taking part of the medical fees for themselves.

    Police said the amount of loans in the case had exceeded 1 million yuan (US$140,000).

    Police in Changning District began an investigation in March after a woman surnamed Cai contacted them.

    Cai told police she was asked to take out an 89,000 yuan loan for plastic surgery but then found she had been defrauded.

    Police found the suspects distributing information about nightclub jobs through WeChat groups, and then sent candidates to plastic surgery hospitals on Xianxia Road and Shenhong Road.

    The suspects are alleged to have made threats of violence while persuading them to take expensive plastic surgeries.

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