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City to pilot open data system from October

    Starting next month, Shanghai will start trial operation of a city-level public open data system, the country’s first of its kind, in an effort to boost the digital economy and technology innovation.

    The system, to debut on October 1, will cover the online finance, smart transportation, health care, culture and tourism sectors in its initial stage.

    It will make Shanghai one of the most open cities globally and boost digital economic development, said Chen Mingbo, deputy secretary-general of the Shanghai government.

    Meanwhile, data security remains the top priority for the government, Chen told a conference yesterday.

    To better serve demand and protect privacy and data safety, the system will open public data using a variety of standards and a ratings system. Shanghai has adopted technologies like data masking that hides sensitive and personal information, city government officials said.

    With the system, Shanghai will improve data usage and develop in-depth applications based on data processing, meeting demands to improve the investment environment and urban management in Shanghai, said Zhu Zongyao, director of the Shanghai Big Data Center.

    For example, eight bureaus and four banks have attended open-data projects on inclusive finance. These will improve access and equality of opportunity for financial service users based on data and credit systems.

    In the long term, Shanghai will become a national open-data demonstration zone as sample for others, Chen added.

    In 2012, Shanghai started opening certain forms of data. Since 2017, it has become the top city nationwide on public data openness.

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