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Garden celebrations set to light up city

    Visitors are promised a dazzling display at Yuyuan Garden to celebrate the Lantern Festival this evening.

    Festivities will include a parade led by six “Chinese goddesses” in ancient-style dress.

    Sightseers during the peak period should remember to take cash with them, as there will be an admission charge for the popular event.

    This is 50 yuan (US$7.9) for an adult and 30 yuan per child.

    With each ticket comes a lucky bag containing a shopping coupon with a face value ranging from 8 to 888 yuan that can be redeemed at garden stores.

    When an entrance fee is charged will be dependant on visitor flow. At the weekend, visitors were required to buy tickets from around 4pm.

    The charge is intended to control numbers and ensure safety during the event at the garden, a traditional site of celebrations during the festival.

    When numbers reach a high level, ticket points will be closed until they subside, the garden authority said.

    Visitors are required to walk in a single direction on the Zigzag Bridge, a major garden attraction, when numbers are great, an authority official added.

    The Yuyuan Garden Station on Metro Line 10 will introduce one-way passenger flow through some exits, officials said.

    Meanwhile, people in the city should be able to view a full moon on Wednesday, the second day after the festival, the authority said.

    The full moon is likely to appear at 5:54am and should be visible in most parts of the country.

    The festival has led to hot sales of dumplings at branches of old and famous restaurants, such as Wangjiasha and Meixin.

    “I came here for dumplings at 7am,” a woman waiting in line outside Meixin restaurant in downtown Shaanxi Road said yesterday.

    “My family prefers hand-made dumplings,” she added.