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Paper mill pipeline scrapped after outcry

    A top official in Nantong City in Jiangsu Province said yesterday the construction of a discharge pipeline from a Japanese paper mill to the sea in Qidong City has been cancelled.
    The project, in Qidong City, which is affiliated to Nantong, had led to a public outcry over pollution concerns.
    Yesterday, many residents, who had taken to the streets to protest against the pipeline, dispersed after learning the news, Xinhua News Agency reported.

    Zhao Nan'nan, an official with the Qidong government, said that following research and discussions the pipeline plan had been scrapped.
    Media reports said the project "will not be restarted in the future."
    After the announcement, Qidong police published a post on their microblog asking residents to "go home with relief."

    The project was planned by Oji Paper Co Ltd. Work had not started, said Qidong government officials.

    The Japanese company said on its website that the pipeline "is just a supporting project item and the company has strict controls on the water quality."

    Waste water would only be discharged after being processed properly, said the company.
    But Qidong residents feared the discharge pipe would pollute the nearby Lusi fishery.

    There were also concerns that the discharge from the paper mill could pollute Shanghai's Qingcaosha Reservoir at the mouth of the Yangtze River, from where most Shanghai residents receive their water.
    The Shanghai water authority has sought to reassure city residents over the safety of their tap water.