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Nose plugs to protect traffic police from fumes

    Shanghai traffic police are equipped with nose plugs to filter out auto fumes and urban smog, officials say.

    The nose plugs, dubbed “invisible mask,” resembles a nose ring with a plastic clip connected with two filter plugs.

    A traffic policeman says he feels the nose plugs okay but he hasn’t got used to them yet, today’s Oriental Morning Post reports.

    “The ‘invisible mask’ can protect the health of outdoor workers but it is not as good as a gauze mask. Some policemen find it inconvenient to wear a gauze mask,” the officials say, adding that the nose plugs are still in an experimental stage.

    Similar products are increasingly popular on, China's leading retail website, costing from tens of yuan to hundreds of yuan each. A Shanghai-based store sold 46 pieces in 30 days.

    The Ministry of Public Security announced on January 30 to relax the dressing code for traffic police, allowing them to wear gauze masks if the air is polluted.

    Zhong Nanshan, an outspoken medical scientist, said the number of lung cancers jumped 60 percent in the past 10 years, according to a CCTV news program.