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Police vow tougher enforcement of traffic regulations

    Shanghai's traffic police vow to strengthened checks and punishments on traffic violations, especially those related to traffic lights and vehicle plates.

    “The safety issue is still a tough problem that’s right in front of us,” said Jiang Ping, vice mayor of Shanghai. “Traffic demands are high, and so shall be our awareness of the need for effective management.”

    The government reported yesterday that 916 people were killed in road accidents last year in Shanghai, a 2.9 percent decrease from 2011.

    Traffic violations are common in the city — police recorded 6.1 million violations last year.

    “Bad behaviors, instead of good ones, are gradually formed,” said Jiang. “Even foreigners learn from the bad ones from locals, like running red lights and others.”

    Police said they punished more than 350,000 cases of pedestrian jaywalking last year. Violators are fined 5 yuan (US 81 cents) to 50 yuan each case of jaywalking or disregarding pedestrian traffic lights.