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Disneyland IP to be protected

    Shanghai will make efforts to protect the intellectual property rights of the Disney Resort to ensure the park begins operating next year.

    “Shanghai Disneyland will start operations in the first half of next year and will involve massive work on intellectual property rights protection, including its patents, trademarks and copyrights, as well as other related business logos,” Lu Guoqiang, director of Shanghai Intellectual Property Administration said yesterday.

    “So we will cooperate on trademarks and copyright administrations, customs and other relevant law enforcement offices to lay out guidelines on ways to protect the IP rights of the park,” Lu added.

    He also stressed that Disneyland IP right protection in other countries will also be studied.

    Shanghai has boosted IP right protection measures in recent years as the city is building itself into a scientific and technological innovation center with international influence.

    The Shanghai Customs launched a special campaign against infringement of Disneyland products last year and 14 trademark and copyright violations were recorded till the end of December, and 69,400 commodities worth nearly 1.35 million yuan were confiscated. That was 104.1 percent jump from the previous year.