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Shanghai road show appeals to Belgians

    Shanghai road show appeals to Belgians


    A couple look at images of Shanghai during the "Amazing Shanghai" road show in Brussels, Belgium.

    Shanghai is holding a month-long city promotion in Brussels, the capital of Belgium, starting from Wednesday. "Amazing Shanghai" consists of a painting show and a photo exhibition.

    The traditional ink-and-wash paintings portray Chinese philosophers Confucius, Mencius, Lao Tzu, Zhuangzi, Mo Tzu and Sun Tzu.

    Guo Defu, a Shanghai artist, drew a picture of the citys famous cartoon character San Mao holding hands with Tintin, the main character of a comics series created by Belgian cartoonist Herg¨¦, at the exhibition site.

    The Shanghai Municipal Information Office and a French publishing house jointly launched a set of illustrated biographies of ancient Chinese philosophers. The books are bilingual in Chinese and French.

    The 40 photographs on exhibit depict an evolving Shanghai.

    The event was organized by the Municipal Information Office, Shanghai Culture, Broadcast, Film and Television Administration, Shanghai International Cultural Association, and the Chinese Cultural Center in Brussels.